May 24, 2007

Idol Chatter 14-2007

While it's tempting to say "I told you so", it was not all that surprising for Jordin to claim the top spot based on her vocal talent and good looks. The American Idol producers are breathing a big sigh of relief, as Jordin should be a strong seller like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. Blake should also do well in selling albums, but he does not have Jordin's potential (or Melinda Dolittle's for that matter).

I just found out this morning that Jordin Sparks was backed by the Gospel Music Association, and had won the Overall Spotlight Winner at the 2004 GMA Academy (top prize in the Country/Southern Gospel category). She wasn't as "coming out of nowhere" as some (like me) may have thought. Melinda Doolittle was also backed by the GMA.

Another season is in the can, and now I won't have anything to watch on TV. Maybe I can catch up on that reading I keep threatening to do ... or maybe I'll just waste more time on the Net!


- Blake's beatbox number with Doug E. Fresh.

- Carrie Underwood's first song.

- The African Children's Chorus. They should have had them go for a half hour, as it would have been far more entertaining than most of the other numbers.

- Melinda singing with Bebe and Cece Winans. More praise songs please!

- Smokey Robinson and the boys were "just aw-right".

- Bette Midler may not have as strong a voice as she used to have, but it was nice to see her performing.

- The two "buddies" getting the trophy and then finding out a bush-baby has been named after Simon.


- Sanjaya (of course).

- Ruben (he still can't sing all that well).

- Taylor (he may sing a little better than Ruben, but I still don't like the guy).

- The whole Beatle's number thing at the end (it was probably featured since they'll be doing that on the tour this summer). Maybe some psychedelic drugs would have helped when listening to Ruben singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Uggh.

- Kelly Clarkson and her lack of modesty. I guess she's showing off the "new Kelly".

- Tony Bennett trying to prove that he still has some pipes, but it didn't sound all that good.

- Both duets involving Jordin. While she sounded good in both, it seemed a little "icky" to see her singing love songs to Blake and Ruben.

- The song Green Day performed, while skillfully done, was a drag on the flow of the show.

- Gladys Knight being outsung by both Melinda and LaKisha, and the bangs blinding her yet she never brushed them away.

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