May 16, 2007

Idol Chatter 13-2007

Missed commenting on last week due to blog chaos. Work chaos has taken precedence over the blog thang, so progress on the Spudlets site has been slow. Anywhozitz, I wasn't surprised to see LaKisha go, and neither was she. Big chubby women typically do not win popularity contests. It's unfortunate, but that's how the public works. She hit a low spot a few weeks ago, but seemed to have pulled herself up the last week or so, but not enough to avoid the axe.

The final 3 is one of the most awkward weeks of the show, as it literally is a third wheel hanging around, and usually the three are fairly evenly matched talent-wise. I thought Blake blew it with his first song, as a Sting/Police song is very difficult to pull off. Sting has a very distinctive voice and is not on the typical male vocal register. Blake did much better with his final two.

I think the choices for both Melinda and Jordin were not good. Melinda is no Tina Turner, nor a Whitney Houston. Jordin chose some not-so-well-known songs. She sang them OK, but there's the doubt factor of how well she performed them. I'm not quite sure what I would recommend for Melinda to choose.

Jordin missed a chance to sing the "princess" songs from some of the Disney movies. Don't be surprised to see her voice a young black female character for a Disney animated film in a few years (after she's done with Simon Cowell and Fox). I still think she's going to win it all next week.

As to who gets the boot, I thought it would be Blake, but he "wow'd" me during his brief bit with Sir Mix-a-Lot. While Melinda(r) gets Simon's vote, the girls may be splitting votes and allow Blake to get by, especially from the teenie-boppers who think he's cute. They're the ones with the cellphones casting the votes, so who knows?

I predicted this final 3 a few weeks ago, and I also predicted that Melinda would be the next to go, so I'll still stick with that.


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