May 19, 2007

Welcome Redirected Ones!

Congrats to the hearty few who have made it back to the old digs. I finally figured out how to do a redirect (it's easy once you have an example in front of you). If you keep the link tuned to www.spudlets.com, then it will take you to wherever I happen to be living on the blogosphere. I'm tempted to open up another blog over at Wordpress, as that was what I had been using over at Netfirms, since they want more money in order to run PHP, while Wordpress is free.

Blogger has improved over the years, though I just like Wordpress better. Well, kids are yelling so it's time to take care of the screamin' meemies or whatever term of endearment fits.

Posted by MarcV, 2:16 PM link

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